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Friday, May 15, 2009

Perform The Best for The Sake of Islam vs…

Assalamualaikum wbt.

First thing first, there is nothing much to say actually...

Here, would you please lend me your brains for couple of moments? Think about this.

“Perform The Best For the Sake of Islam vs Performing to Show Islam is The Best”

In my point of view, I prefer to choose “Perform The Best for The Sake of Islam”

I say, “we give the best in everything we do for the sake of Islam” means that we aim or intent for Islam. All things we do are for Islam. No matter how small the matter is or how big the matter is, we try to give our best effort to gain the best quality or in other words, make it perfect, lessen the negative side.

As for “Performing to Show Islam is The Best” means that we try to ‘show off’ ourselves unintentionally. In other words, we say ‘riak’ in Arabic language. (Hehe…is it quit complicated?) Think about it carefully, deeply. Think as a critical thinker. Then, you guys will find out what I mean.

Leave your comments. I am greatly appreciate it. Let us make it as ‘light discussion’. Make it simpler, you may comment in Malay or English. =)

Salam mesra, salam sayang.

Salam ukhwah, salam perjuangan.

Hud-hud kan menanti, terus menanti dan tetap setia menanti… =) pandangan anda?

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